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The Joy of Cancer

The Joy of Cancer the title is intriguing and makes us think that how cancer can be associated with joy. It is written by Anup Kumar, a survivor of the dreaded cancer. He seeks to communicate with the world about his fight against the disease. Cancer is a dreadful disease and is one of the chief killers today. It commonly originates in the tissues in which the cells are regularly replaced by mitosis. Malignant neoplasm of uncontrolled proliferation of cells without any differentiation, an abnormal growth called tumor occurs. The cancer cells invade and destroy the surrounding cells. But there are millions of survivors for whom Cancer is not synonymous with death.

An excerpt from Anup Kumar’s book is an eye-opener in the fight of life over death.

Is cancer survival then essentially about will power?

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, most patients suffer from the ‘why me, why now?’ syndrome. The more you groan, the more the disease will gain the upper hand. I decided to be an active participant in my treatment and ensure that I , rather than the cancer cells, remained in control. I overcame some of the worst moments of chemotherapy by thinking about how cancer had benefited me. Of how I had given up smoking overnight. Of how I had found out who my true friends are. I introspected in my life, relieving its joyous moments. I built up a strong urge to live.

As the days passed I discovered an unimaginable reservoir of energy that existed somewhere deep inside. Cancer has helped me to understand that each day is a bonus. There is special joy in overcoming so dreadful.

So every example of exceptional human struggle and fight against odds gives me a feeling of satisfaction that ‘nothing is impossible’. ALL THE BEST . I will pray.

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