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Stress is the food for cancer, so stay positive and smile, says Filipina

Dubai: In 2012, more than half a million women died globally due to breast cancer as stated by the World Cancer Research Fund International. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death among women in developing countries. However, today, more than three quarters of cases are diagnosed at an early stage in the developed countries, which means survival rates have increased to 85 per cent.

Gulf News reader Reshma Chowdhury, an Indian homemaker based in Dubai, is among those women who received the diagnosis early on and with the appropriate treatment, she was able to fight back.

She was diagnosed in October 2012. In the past five years, she has undergone multiple tests, a surgery and severe chemotherapy sessions, but her spirit has not been broken.

She said: “My sister’s lung cancer was diagnosed late and she died at the young age of 36. Since then, my mum would force me to get mammograms every two years.”

During one of her appointments, the doctors had a doubt and asked her to undergo some blood tests. With the thought that she might have cancer, she returned home without the test results and informed her husband about what had happened during the day. The whole time, she remained calm.

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