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Dr. Navin Duggad Cancer Treatment

Cancer is the deadliest disease which has killed innumerable innocents, and continues to kill with more intensity. Even a celebrity like Steve Jobs couldn’t be saved from cancer. Many believe that MNCs companies are also responsible for this deadly disease. They just don’t want for an inexpensive treatment to come into the picture. For example, take the case of Novartis’ Gleevec. It has $2 billion per year business just in the USA

Dr. Navin Duggad Cancer Treatment

If a person belonging to poor or middle class family is unfortunate enough to get Cancer, it becomes a herculean task for him to go ahead with the treatment. The conventional medicine offers Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy. All of these three options come with astronomical cost. Further, if you want to see side effects of chemotherapy, just visit Tata Memorial Hospital (a cancer specialty hospital in Mumbai) ward. You will be shocked to see the pain patients are undergoing with. Is it logical to go ahead with so much pain when there is no cure? But, more importantly, can cancer be cured without using these painful and costly conventional treatments? The answer is YES. And, the answer may be Dr. Navin Duggad of Chhindwara.

Navin Duggad isn’t a doctor (doesn’t have any medical degree). He became a cancer doctor out of chance. When his mother, then aged 89 years, was diagnosed with cancer, he took him to a big hospital in Nagpur. Oncologist there had advised him to not go ahead with any treatment as his mother is already 89 years old. It was quite unlikely for her to keep up with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

Navin Duggad returned to Chhindwara with her mother. The entire family started to count days. They were expecting her to die within two months (as told by doctors at Nagpur). Meanwhile, Navin Duggad started to research about alternative treatment. His met many Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors, but none of them could give an assurance. The main reason was advanced stage of cancer, age and condition of the patient. Mr. Duggad didn’t lose hope. He started to read Charak Samhita, a medical book from ancient India. He also started to take look on reading about all ayurvedic medicines. After giving one month to read these books and documents, Mr. Duggad was enlightened. He went to forest near Chhindwara and got some herbs. Apart from that he got many ayurvedic medicines from local market. He prepared medicines and told family members that he is going to try it on mother for 15 days. There were few conditions for fast absorption of medicines and quick results. One of the conditions was to keep the patient in complete dark for continuous six days, apart from many other tough conditions. The family members were waiting for patient’s death and hence none of them objected.

Duggad started the treatment, and after 15 days her mother was much better. Her body started to get stronger. Her immunity started to increase. They took her to Nagpur and tests were done. Oncologists couldn’t believe when they saw that the 89 year old lady is free of cancer. There was no trace of cancer. A local newspaper reported the story and entire Chhindwara started to discuss this miracle. Jain Community, Duggad family are jains, contacted Navin Duggad and asked him to help many more patients. They discussed many things and convinced him. During a family discussion, her mother told him to start treatment at the earliest, and do it without taking a single Rupee – free of cost.

Before that Navin Duggad was running a Jewelry shop in Chhindwara – Kamthe Jewells. He closed the shop and shifted all Jewelry to other shops – the family has two big Jewelry shops in Chhindwara. Navin Duggad started the consultation from the same Jewelry shop.

The inexpensive treatment coupled with many amazing results made him quite popular in MP and Maharashtra.

Consultation for New Patients

If you are a new patient, the doctor will see your reports and give medicine on Friday. For that, you are required to get the appointment on Wednesday. The clinic (or Jewelry shop, as the board of Kamthe Jewells is still there) opens at 11 AM, and runs till he sees all patients.

Please be there with all reports, recent CBC reports, one photograph of the patient. There is no need to be there with patient. However, the person who can discuss all problems should go there.

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