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My Cancer Is in God’s Hands

My 4-year-old lay there napping peacefully, totally unaware of the mid-July sun beating down overhead. My body was ready to run as usual, but my mind was in a different place. A heavier place. It had been 48 hours since I’d gotten the call, though it felt like seconds ago. …

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Using Your Mind to Fight Cancer

Cancer can be a landmine of emotional, financial, and physical stress. From the moment a patient is given a cancer diagnosis, there is fear of the unknown and worry about what happens next. Keeping the mind and spirit at peace is crucial to fighting cancer. Your mind has a very …

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The Power of the Mind to heal cancer by Carl Stonier

The power of the mind to heal cancer Carl Stonier, 55, recently completed his doctorate exploring the relationship between physical and psychological health. The results of his study on patients with heart disease resoundingly reinforce the value of stress reduction and mind power in the healing journey. Carl is a …

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The Joy of Cancer

The Joy of Cancer the title is intriguing and makes us think that how cancer can be associated with joy. It is written by Anup Kumar, a survivor of the dreaded cancer. He seeks to communicate with the world about his fight against the disease. Cancer is a dreadful disease and …

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Mahesh Acharya, 50: Photographer.

Mahesh Acharya, 50: Photographer. Cancer Detected: In 1996 and 2006. He was a gem stone trader in 1995, picking up polished glittering pieces from artisans and selling these to bigger merchants in lanes of Johri Bazar in Pink City of Jaipur when he began having a problem in testicles with …

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