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Battle against cancer can be won, say survivors

Medical team of Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology and Research tagging pink ribbon on Dawn Shah, a breast cancer survivor, during a breast cancer survivor’s meet on Saturday.S. SIVA SARAVANANS. SIVA SARAVANAN

Awareness on early detection and treatment is crucial to overcome the disease

Trusting doctors and approaching the treatment with a positive attitude are vital to fighting breast cancer, says Dawn Shah, a 67-year-old home maker from Coimbatore.

Having undergone surgery in 2009 and six subsequent sessions of chemotherapy, Ms. Shah, a breast cancer survivor, is now leading a happy life building confidence among cancer patients, especially those diagnosed with breast cancer. “In one of the recent counselling sessions, I came across a family that wanted the cancer patient to prepare the will. Such approach from family members will negatively affect the patient, who will lose hope in treatment. Hence, counselling family members has also become important,” said Ms. Shah on the sidelines of the ‘survivors meet’ organised by Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology and Research (SRIOR), on Saturday.

A few other survivors have also joined Ms. Shah in spending their free time in counselling cancer patients and building confidence among families of the patients.

P. Guhan, Director of SRIOR, stresses awareness on the importance of early detection and treatment that can improve the success rate of treatment.

“In India, more than 50 % of the cancers are detected only after the symptoms have developed. Incidence of breast cancer in younger women in urban areas is alarming and diagnosis is done only in the advanced stage,” said Dr. Guhan.

More than 100 breast cancer survivors who underwent treatment in SRIOR took part in the survivor’s meet and shared their experiences on the treatment and battle against cancer.

Medical team of SRIOR K. Karthikesh, S. Bhargavi, Karthika, N. Krishna Priya, Vivek Jayaraj, and B. Nageswararaj interacted with the survivors.

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