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National registry finds more people surviving cancer

A report from the National Cancer Registry has found that there are almost 170,000 people in Ireland who have survived after getting a diagnosis of cancer. The report says rates of cancer appear to have stabilised or even fallen, while improved treatment means that more people are now surviving the …

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Could a Common Blood Thinner Lower Cancer Risk?

By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Nov. 6, 2017 (HealthDay News) — A pill widely taken to prevent heart attack and stroke may also guard against cancer, new research suggests. Warfarin is an inexpensive blood thinner. It’s typically prescribed for patients whose leg arteries are prone to clots and for patients with the abnormal heartbeat called atrial fibrillation. Now, Norwegian investigators …

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Urban women prone to breast cancer, says expert

When compared to rural areas, the incidence of breast cancer was more among women in urban areas. The reasons being reduced physical activity, diet changes and late pregnancies. In general, while there are 15 to 20 cases per lakh population per year from rural areas, there are 40 to 50 …

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My Cancer Is in God’s Hands

My 4-year-old lay there napping peacefully, totally unaware of the mid-July sun beating down overhead. My body was ready to run as usual, but my mind was in a different place. A heavier place. It had been 48 hours since I’d gotten the call, though it felt like seconds ago. …

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