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This New Drug Combination Doubles the Chance of Keeping Lung Cancer at Bay

Adding Roche’s (RHHVF, -1.93%) immunotherapy Tecentriq to older drugs doubled the percentage of lung cancer patients who survived a year without their disease advancing, an outcome some experts labeled unprecedented. Thirty-seven percent of patients in a closely watched clinical trial who received Tecentriq, Avastin and chemotherapy reached the one-year mark without their …

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Common blood pressure drug raises skin cancer risk

A new study, led by Danish-based researchers, shows that one of the most popular drugs used worldwide in the treatment of hypertension raises the risk of skin cancer by seven times.       Hydrochlorothiazide users may be at a much higher risk of developing skin cancer, according to new …

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How Cancer Affects Women’s Sex Lives

Both cancer treatment and its aftereffects have huge ramifications on the sex lives of women—and those ramifications aren’t discussed often enough. Unbound CEO Polly Rodriguez, a survivor of colorectal cancer. Photo courtesy of Polly Rodriguez Cancer is a shit diagnosis for anyone, period. It strips a person of their daily …

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Jelly made of alcohol could help kill off cancer

A new study says that a jelly-like implant, filled with pure alcohol could be a powerful treatment for cancer. The implant is injected into the middle of a tumour, where it slowly releases tiny amounts of ethanol — the pure alcohol that makes up, for example, 12 to 14 per …

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