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8 international nude beaches where you can soak the sun and bare it all

The concept of topless and nude beaches might gather a lot of flak in India, but the idea has for long been appreciated and practiced at several international destinations.

We bring to you a list of the top 10 nude beaches in the world, where you can enjoy being naked without the fear of being judged or worse, arrested:


Bellevue Beach, Denmark: Located in Denmark, the Bellevue Beach and its beauty is best experienced in the summer months. With loud music and a string of naked people sun-bathing, this sure is one party you wouldn’t want to miss.


Wreck Beach, Canada: This relatively less- crowded beach is considered to be one of the ‘Seven wonders of Canada’. The beach is beautiful and gives you the freedom to bare it all. Due to the absence of direct roads, the beach remains less crowded, but has vendors selling all sorts of stuff ranging from booze to clothes.

Corniglia Beach, Italy: The Corniglia Beach is a remote beach which requires hiking and going through a tunnel. Situated near the secluded mountainous Cinque Terre region, the beach offers you a relief from the usual din of city life and of course, lots of naked Italians.

Es Trenc, Majorca island, Spain: A crowd- puller, the Es Trenc beach has a large tourist footfall every year. Although, the nude stretch of the beach is relatively less crowded and hence lets you enjoy your privacy without getting conscious.

Plage de Tahiti, French Polynesia: Frequented by several Hollywood celebrities every now and then, this beach is one of the most scenic beaches in the world. Visit this beach and you might just bump into your favourite star.

Bondi Beach, Australia: This top-less beach is situated a few miles away from Sydney and has a lot of surfers pouring in every year. The beach also holds the record for organising the largest swimsuit photo shoot ever.

Haulover Beach, Florida: Considered to be one of the finest beaches in North America the Haulover Beach is located in Florida and plays host to several tourists who are interested in indulging in some top-less beach strolling.

Paradise Beach, Greece: Living up to every inch of its name, the Paradise Beach is the perfect place to don skimpy clothes and enjoy the freedom of baring it all. The beach is fairly secluded and thus the tourists can comfortably engage in some nudity.

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