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Dealers under fire over high stationery prices

Parents accuse dealers of manipulating school season

Sellers of stationery have been accused of manipulating the school season and selling items at exaggerated prices to make quick profits from this short season.

An Emirati shopping for his children ahead of the new scholar year next week said he was shocked when he found a school bag being sold for Dh999.

“The bag is light and of good quality…we checked its price online and found it is $100 (Dh370), less than half its price in the UAE,” he told Alkhaleej newspaper.

The Sharjah-based daily quoted other consumers as saying stationery dealers should be controlled by authorities to ensure they respect local laws.

“This is manipulation…they just largely increase the price during the school season…this is putting much pressure on parents trying to use part of their salaries to prepare their children for the new school year,” another consumer said.

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