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5 most bizarre sex studies ever!

5 most bizarre sex studies ever!
5 most bizarre sex studies ever!

Okay, so why is that we are never able to ignore a news related to sex ever? Well, that’s courtesy the thousands of bizarre sex related studies being undertaken by experienced researchers all across the globe and the best part, most of them are so outright bizarre that you’ll not be able to believe your eyes after reading about them. Here’s a look at 5 weirdest ones we came across!

1. Sex is raking moolah on internet!

Believe it or not, but according to a 2005 study published in Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, almost more than half of all expenditure done on the internet is estimated to be related to sex. Well, this includes pornographic magazines and other sex related products.

2. Casual sex is good for health

Some committed people would want to end the world after reading this study, but according to researchers of Cornell University and NYU, casual sex actually lowers anxiety and depression, boosts self-confidence.

3. Men should eat pumpkin, the reason is funny!

The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago has made a funny discovery, that the smell of pumpkin can actually increase blood flow to the penis. So, all the men who are struggling with erection issues must make pumpkin a part of their daily diet.

4. You’re woman will cheat on you if you have a big tool

Ridiculous but true, a study published in the in Public Library Of Science (PLOS) journal has found the longer your penis, the greater the likelihood your wife cheating on you. And, that’s because as per women subjects who participated in the study, it’s difficult to accommodate a big penis (read uncomfortable and sometimes painful). So, a woman with a partner having an enviable tool is more likely to be on a lookout for a smaller tool.

5. Leave the household chores if you want sex

Only yesterday a study read that men assisting their women with babies get better sex, but according to a study published in The American Sociological Review suggests that more a couple shares household responsibilities and chores, the less sex they have. ANd, there’s more! The authors of the study also indicated that men who did feminine tasks, like cleaning, folding laundry and vacuuming had less sex with their wives than the guys who didn’t care about the chores.

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