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Treepex: Breathe Your Own Forest

Treepex plants trees for you. And we do this with an easy-to-use platform and an innovative tracking system.

Every tree we plant for you is tagged with an NFC microchip, which records the trees geographical location, who owns the tree, and when it was planted. You can name the trees you plant and track their progress, as each tree has its own unique number. And you will immediately know where in the world your tree is planted, while getting regular photo updates.

Do you care for our planet? Plant a tree for your children, in memory of a loved one, or gift it to someone who cares too!

Who we are:

We are a team of young entrepreneurs from Tbilisi, Georgia and started Treepex back in 2016. But we’ve realized that Georgia is too small for Treepex. That’s why we decided to move our HQ to New York City!

Why we do so:

We’re not only making the world a bit greener by planting trees, but we’re also transforming more people into green advocates! By merging planting trees with innovative solutions, we deliver actual positive impact.

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